Cappuccino isn't italian!


Cappuccino was known as “Kapuziner” back in the 1700s. It first appeared in Viennese coffee houses made as coffee with whipped cream, spices and sugar. The drink had a brown color similar to the robes worn by Capuchin friars in Vienna and this is where their name came from. The word 'Capuchin' literally means cowl or hood in Italian, and it was a name given to the Capuchin monks for their hooded robes.

You can taste the authentic flavor of the Kapuziner in Heidi’s Fortune Pub.

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About Heidi's

Heidi's fortune pub has just moved to the neighborhood! we are here to get you closer to Austrian coffee as well as German sausages and beer. Bratwurst, Kasekrainer, Kapuziner but also many more flavours would tickle your taste buds for sure.

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